Sunday, October 31, 2010


This was Colby's 3rd Halloween but by far the most fun! We decided this year we would take Colby out to our church's Fall Fest. I knew he would enjoy it a lot more this time then last time. After his nap I got him dressed in his costume he was still a little groggy and I think thought I was crazy for rushing him out the door. We snapped a few pictures in the front then headed out the door. He seemed excited by the time we got to church and once he saw the inflatables he was VERY excited. He went straight to the Sesame Street one which was designated for the young preschoolers. He shouted Ehhmoo as we were getting close. He went right in and jumped around with a couple other kids. This lasted about 10 minutes or so. When we got him out he headed straight towards the BIG slide like the biggest thing there. He didn't want to play in the preschool area he would not even settle for the medium size ones. I was able to convince Austin to take him down. Well he loved it and wanted to keep going. Austin took him a total or 4 or 5 times and he still wanted to go more. We tried to send him down with our Minister or Music but he wouldn't have that he just wanted his daddy to go. After that we checked out the rest of the fest. He got to drink a sprite and eat popcorn. He didn't have a bite of candy tonight. In a way I guess that's a little sad but honestly he doesn't like candy that much...he likes chocolate but he doesn't know enough about it to even care to want it. He loved the sprite and popcorn tonight and that was fine with me. We didn't even trunk or treat around the cars. 1) because he wasn't really old enough to get the games or even want to do that and 2) we left his pumpkin bag at home so we had nothing to carry candy around in and 3) since he doesn't know about candy we figured it was best not to have it around anyway. He got a treat bag when we first got there so I figured that was enough including the other stuff he has gotton throughout the week as well.

We wondered around for a little while longer but headed home after a little over an hour. We had to beat the Saints traffic. Plus Colby had not had dinner yet and we still had a couple stops to make on the way home.

We took him by our neighbor Mrs. Doris' house on the way home. She is like another grandma to him...a great grandma really because she was a "grandma" to me. She said she had a special treat for him. Colby loves Mrs. Doris. When we take walks at night we always have to go by her house. He looks forward to it. So we stopped and Mrs. Doris loaded him down. He had 2 big in the shape of a truck...a few cars, candy, and a flag! It was so sweet she took her time to get all that for him!

By the time we got home Colby was definitely in the need of food and bedtime. He was losing it quickly. So we got in and all changed clothes and I made him a pumpkin shaped peanut butter & jelly sandwhich. He loved it...I am not sure if it was because he was so hungry or not he loves pb&j. He hasn't had it much maybe only 1 other time and he wasn't fond of it then. I hope he will eat that now because hello easy lunch for me plus its not too bad for him!

I think we are all tuckered out...I am not liking Halloween falling on a Sunday...because Sundays are already long, busy days for us plus an added overstimulating event like that! But all in all I would say it was a success!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun Friday

Today was one of those days I feel like we created some special memories for Colby. We didn't do anything extravagant but it was just a fun, special day. It began with Colby and I going to the church this morning. My friend Kristie and her son Cade were going to be up there getting ready for our church's Fall Fest. I told her Colby and I would come visit. Colby and Cade are good friends. They play together really well! I told her I would watch the boys while she worked. It was fun we played out on the playground then played in one of the Sunday School rooms. Both boys did really well and they get along great! They have known each other for almost 18 months...since Cade was born! They have been in the same Sunday School class since around May.
It was fun seeing them play and interact. They are really starting to play more together. Today it was monkey see monkey do! As soon as Colby and I got to the church Cade and Colby ran off together trying to escape upstairs! If these two boys get to grow up together I can see the messes they would get into haha.
We were up there for about 2 hours. Colby was so upset when we left too he didn't want to go. I had to bribe him by letting him play on the other playground before we left. Again I had to drag him away he was having so much fun! I think he was just enjoying the beautiful, fall weather.
After Colby's nap today we went outside. This was nothing out of the ordinary we do this every day, hot or cold, rain or shine because we have a covered patio. We usually only stay out though about 30 minutes before Colby wants back in. But once again he was enjoying the weather so much I had to bribe him in after almost 2 hours! He was having so much fun! I am so glad he likes the outdoors so much and can entertain himself! He was running, jumping, doing flips off the playground, and running down the slide, and going down head first! He was full of it! We even rode his tricycle some. He still hasn't gotton the pedal thing down. He can pedal down the driveway by himself because of the incline but has trouble on the flat sidewalk. Hopefully with the weather cooling we can practice more.
Tonight when Austin got off work we decided to order pizza. We don't get pizza a whole lot but one thing I remember as a child was ordering pizza on Friday nights and probably staying up later then the rest of the week. I want to start this with Colby. He loves pizza as any child does. So we ate pizza then took a walk. We wouldn't have normally gone because it was almost 7:15 by the time we finished dinner and Colby always bathes at 7:30 but I figured since it was Friday and Austin was off tomorrow we would go ahead with it. The weather is just too nice not too! Plus Colby finally got to wear his Halloween shirt and sweatshirt today so I wanted him to get a little more use out of it! He looked so cute!
Again he had a blast and didn't want to come in...he actually ran most of the way. It was so cute watching him run through people's yards. He has so much energy! I love that about him! When we got in we let him stay up for a little while and play. Again usually we would rush him to the tub. We also danced to Monster Mash in his bedroom which he thought was halarious! Then we closed the evening with a Pumpkin story to read.
Once again nothing crazy out of the ordinary but it was a fun special night that we made memories I hope he remembers when he is an adult! I know I will cherish this night for years ot come! Looking forward to a fun filled weekend stay tuned!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Colby's Halloween Party

Colby had his first Holiday Party at school today! This is one thing that excites me about him being in school is all the fun festivities. I didn't get to attend today...I think they wanted to just keep it low key. I wish I could have been there to see all the goings on but hopefully the teacher will atleast send us some pictures.
I volunteered to bring fruit. The teacher was excited to have something that wasn't pure sugar. I figured it would be a nice balance to all the cookies and cupcakes they would be having. When I picked Colby up he looked so happy and seemed to not even want to leave haha. I asked if he had a cupcake and he said mmmm and licked his lips! I could see the evidence of orange icing all over his shirt and face! They got a big bag of goodies to bring home! I can't wait to go through it...I'm sure its mostly candy but it looked like a few other things as well! I would say his first school party was a success though! Like I say no pictures but hopefully I can get his teacher to email me some!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Carving 101

Pumpkin Carving 2009 Colby 1 Year Old

Pumpkin Carving 2010 Colby 2 Years Old

Colby has had the opportunity to carve pumpkins with us 2 years in a row. Last year he was only 1 and wasn't so much into it. This year he was a little more into it but still had bigger things to do like ride in his coupe car! We had fun making these precious memories though with our little guy!

Pumpkin Carving

Today since Austin was off we decided to carve our pumpkins. We always do this the last day Austin is off before Halloween. It works out well because it is usually a few days before so we get to enjoy the jack o lanterns for a few days but its a short enough time they still look nice for Halloween. This is Colby's 2nd time carving pumpkins. He still doesn't want his hands in it though. Last year he wouldn't go near it and this year he tried then said yucky! He loved looking inside the pumpkin though. His favorite part was once it was carved and pointing out the eyes, nose, and mouth...that seemed to really tickle him!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

October Visits to Hattiesburg with Cousins

Fall 2008 Colby (3 months), Maggie (2), and Shelbi(4)

Fall 2009 Colby (15 Months or 1 Year), Maggie (3), and Shelbi (5)

Fall 2010 Colby (2), Maggie (4), and Shelbi (6)
Its going to be so fun to see them grow up together. I always had a blast with my cousins growing up and it will be neat to see the relationship between these 3 grow as they grow up I hope they are always close!

The last 3 years we have made a trip to Hattiesburg in October for a USM game. Each time we have gone Colby has been able to play with his cousins Shelbi and Maggie! Looking back over the pictures its fun to see them grow up and change together.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Date Night/Day

So Austin and I took a date night and morning this weekend. Its been awhile since my parents have kept Colby overnight and honestly they have never kept them for us to just stay in and do nothing usually when they keep him its because we have plans that require us to stay out late. We thought since Austin was off today and we had been busy this week doing stuff for Colby we would take a night for ourselves. I have to say it was a great decision.

My parents came and picked Colby up yesterday afternoon before dinner. Therefore, I was able to have a couple hours alone until Austin got home. It was so nice! I thought I would be lonely but it was refreshing to have a quiet house. I got a few chores done then hung out and waited on my hubby. He got home and brought dinner with him. We sat down and relaxed and ate a quiet dinner again so nice! Afterwards we still took our nightly walk...we figured it would be nice to actually walk at a brisk pace with Allie. Colby usually stops at every house. It was nice also to get to talk to Austin without chasing a 2 year old. It was romantic out strolling like that. After we got home we were at a loss though it was wierd not having to do a "bedtime routine" so we settled in the couch and watched some tv together. We were both pretty tired though so we went to bed fairly early.

Today we got up around 8. That doesn't sound late to most but for us it was! I used to be able to sleep until 8 quite often. Colby used to stay in bed from anywhere between 8-9 most mornings but now he wakes up around 6:30. I think it did us both good to sleep that long. Once we got up we got dressed and headed out to Lakeside. We thought it would be fun to do some shopping without the little one. We really didn't need anything but its a much more relaxful experience walking around the mall without a 2 year old. We just looked mostly...ofcourse we ended up buying Colby some Disney shirts for our upcoming Disney trip! After we shopped we ate lunch out. Again it was nice to eat lunch in peace and enjoy ourselves!

After lunch we decided to go ahead and pick Colby up so we wouldn't have to get back out. My parents said he had been really good. We all 4 decided this was going to become a monthly tradition for us. I can't do it every week b/c I like to have our family friday nights but once a month sounds good! It really was a much needed break for Austin and I. Once we got home we put Colby down for his nap and he slept 3 hours! I am not sure what my parents secret is haha. After naptime we enjoyed the afternoon just hanging out together! I love when Austin is off on actually feels like a Saturday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sesame Street Live

Today we got to take Colby to Sesame Street Live. I think it comes to New Orleans every year and I am not sure why we didn't take him last year. But this year I knew we had to go because he loves Elmo and Sesame Street so much. I knew he would enjoy it! He was also old enough this year to sort of "get it". He did really well but got antsy at times. And really an hour and a half is almost too long for preschoolers to sit anyway. I think these shows should only really last an hour. But it was still fun!

He got very excited when the characters first came out! It was worth every penny to see his face light up! Now I really can't wait until Disney World! But his little face got so happy and excited and he started waving and shouting Ehhmo soo cute! He had his own seat which made it so much easier then when we took him to Disney on Ice. It was very hard back in May trying to wrangle him in such a tight spot. This time he had his own space so he could move around more freely. He was still a wiggle worm at times though! I know his favorite characters are Elmo, Ernie, and Cookie Monster. He would get so excited anytime they came out! I look forward to taking him again next year when he is older and maybe enjoys it more and can sit still longer! It was a fun time though! Once again I can never say it enough we love when Austin is off and we get to do fun family things like this!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Washington Parish Fair

Today was a big day we took Colby to the Washington Parish Fair. This Fair is a huge deal...its one of the largest fairs even in the country. My parents started taking me when I was around Colby's age and I loved it! We haven't been in a couple years though. We didn't go the year he was a baby because obviously he was too young then last year not sure why we didn't go but I guess we thought he might still be a little young which he probably would have been but this year was perfect! He had a blast!

We had to wake up at 6 am though to get there. Today was the opening day of the Fair so we had to be there by 9 before the parade started because then they would start closing streets. We made it with no problem. I think Colby thought we were crazy this morning though when we rushed him out of bed with hardly any breakfast and put him in his clothes first thing! He was a trooper though. He was good the whole way up there. When we got there he was already excited as he started seeing horses and police cars and firetrucks. We went immediately to the animals. He wasn't scared of the big cows at all he just went right up to pet them. We spent the next while just walking around the fair taking in the sights. We passed a craft station where they had wooden cars and he about had a fit! He ofcourse had to have one! He is soo into cars he likes getting cars from all over and honestly I don't mind buying these because each car we buy somewhere like that has a story and a memory attached to it and maybe one day he will have a little boy who can play with them and we can remember where we got most of them! Next we went into the rides area. We wandered around trying to find rides we thought he could do. We opted for the carousel and this helicopter ride. I rode the carousel with him and Austin did the helicopter. He loved them both! He is going to love Disney World soo much! Again he's not scared of anything...if he were tall enough I know he would ride roller coasters!

After the rides we walked around some more and went back to the animals. We saw cows, sheep, pigs, goats, and horses. Colby loved them all and had to pet each one! After we got a bite to eat. Honestly, I remembered fair food being better then it was today it wasn't good I was dissapointed ooh well we still had fun! After we ate we decided to head on back home. It was getting close to noon and we had been gone since 7 am.

Colby only slept about 30 min of the whole ride home and now he's not napping at home either I guess he is just too excited to sleep! Its been a very fun but tiring day! Little one will be going to bed early tonight because we have another big day tomorrow Elmo Live!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch This Year and Last

Colby at the Pumpkin Patch October 2009 (1 Year Old)

Colby at the Pumpkin Patch at Aurora Preschool October 2010 (2 Years Old)

Its hard to believe how much Colby has grown since last year. We brought him to a church pumpkin patch last year and he loved it! This year he got to go with his school to the one at their church! He's such a big boy now!

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Today Colby had his first ever field trip! He went to the pumpkin patch at the church where he goes to school. I know it was only in the parking lot but still I was excited to be there with him to make memories. I remember most of my field trips as a child and my mom always being there and they were special times.

The day did not start like I had dreamed/planned. First of all I think Colby and I both have colds. He has been cranky since Saturday. Nothing major you can just tell he's not his full self. I started feeling sickly yesterday. So one waking up early when you are sick is not fun and tends to not allow for much patience with a 2 year old. We were also having our house cleaned today so that puts a dent in the day too when you have someone working in your house all day. Yes I am thankful for the service but it is hard too when you have to work around someone working in your house. So we were already rushing this morning and feeling behind. The mornings here have been very cool but then it quickly warms up around mid to late morning. Well Colby was dressed in a tank top shirt and shorts...since it was cool I figured I would add a sweatshirt just until he got to school and depending on how warm it was I would take it off him. Well when we got to school he pitched a fit when I took it off and left it in the car. He is soo particular about this kind of stuff! He flipped out! So he was crying the whole way to his class which he never does...then when I left him he was still crying...I knew he wouldn't cry long because he never does but still he was having quite an off morning. I also felt guilty for fussing at him all morning but I guess my stress level was high trying to make everything perfect and then on top of not feeling 100% either.

The field trip did not begin until 9:30 so I went back to the car to wait until it was time. His teacher told us to just meet them in the parking lot. When his class came out he was surprised to see me. He started waving bye bye like he thought we were going home. I had to convince him we were going to look at pumpkins. He didn't get into it as much as I had hoped/thought but I think he had an ok time. Basically the class just meandered around for about 15-20 minutes. It was more of a photo op for the parents/grandparents then anything. I was glad to just see Colby's class and learn a few more of their names. Colby really didn't interact with any liked I had hoped but it might have been because he was still off from all the morning craziness. He seemed to really take to the teacher aide Mrs. Louis though. He was holding her hand when we came out. I think he behaves a lot better for them then he does for me. I'm sure all the kids do. He wasn't the only one though that pitched a fit I saw a couple others too so I am glad I wasn't alone there. After getting a chance to walk around they wanted to get a group picture of his class. I worried how this group pic would go seeing how he did not want his picture taken last week. Once his teacher though got him in her lap he was fine. See he listens to them!! He sat very patiently but you could tell he couldn't wait to get up. Next the teacher read them a little pumpkin patch book. Colby happened to have this book at home so he knew the story. He sat pretty still and listened but it was hard to hear over some of the other kids. I worried that when it was time to go he would get upset that I was leaving him. But he marched in line with the other kids and headed back to class. He didn't even notice me leaving...all in all it was a good day! I hope he enjoyed wasn't perfect but it was still a sweet memory! I look forward to more school festivities in the future!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our Saturday

Austin was off today so its been a great day! It had moments of stress due to our wonderful 2 year old but still I would label it a wonderful day just because we were all together! We started the day with breakfast at Parrot Pete's. We don't usually ever go out for breakfast but now that Colby is older I hope its a tradition we can start at least once in awhile. The weather was so nice we sat outside. This was convenient in that we could also let Colby walk/run around without disturbing the peace inside. Colby did really well and seemed to enjoy his breakfast. We only had one little incident of him spilling orange juice all over me and my bag.
Next we went to Target. We were right by it and we haven't all been in awhile plus I needed some things for Sunday School tomorrow. Colby was very good in the store. He ended up with a new toy truck though. Mainly because he has this favorite yellow truck and its about to fall completely apart so we thought we should try to replace it. We found a much cooler yellow truck that honks, has lights, and plays music! He loves it and has almost forgotten the old one so we may try to trash it soon!
When we got home we let Colby play outside in hopes he would run off some energy so he would nap. Days where we don't get him out to do anything physical usually end in no nap days for him. He obviously didn't play long enough because the child didn't nap at all. He was a little grumpy all morning and we thought he might be coming down with something but now we aren't sure if its just terrible 2s, teeth, or a cold. Might be all who knows! But he did not nap! And he needs a nap!
After his no naptime we went outside again and enjoyed the beautiful weather. This time he was a little more into it so we stayed out quite awhile. Tonight my dad came over for dinner because my mom is out of town. We had mexican fiesta (tacos, spanish rice, beans, all the fixings). Normally this is a meal Colby loves! Tonight he wouldn't hardly touch it...not sure if its because he wasn't feeling well or what. He ate all of a tortilla shell though and some chips. Next time I will no better to not give him the tortilla until he has had some of the other stuff. Normally he doesn't like bread so this surprised me. He pitched quite a fit too at dinner because he wanted to sit at the table and I let him at first but he was more concerned with his toys then eating so I moved him to the highchair and he got very upset. He cried for about 15 minutes. It was quite a fit! Had my dad not been here he probably would have been spanked and sent to his room but its hard to punish them so harshly with grandparents around so he got off easy tonight.
After dinner we took him for a walk. Its so nice outside we enjoyed it. Now we are just hoping he sleeps well tonight! He did last night but not the night before and he has missed his nap about 3 times this week. Tomorrow is church so its a busy, long day for all of us so I just hope he sleeps tonight and is in a good mood tomorrow!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Week

Since I last posted we have been pretty busy around here. Wednesday Colby had school pictures. I thought it was so cute that even his little preschool had pictures for the kids. Some thought it was silly but since Colby has not had pictures taken since April it was a good time to get his picture taken anyways plus we had to "document" his first year of school right?!? The morning started out with a little treat. I stopped and got Colby some donut holes since we didn't have to be at school so early. I also thought it would be nice to bring the teachers some donuts.

When we arrived the 3 year old class was getting their pictures made so we had to wait. I took Colby down to his room while we waited. I got to chat with his teacher which was nice to get to know her more and he played. The M, W, F class is a lot smaller in fact they combine the 1s and 2s I think on those days because they are so small.

I think Colby's teacher really likes him because while we were waiting it came up in conversation how much Colby likes Elmo so she went and found him an Elmo toy. She also made their pumpkin patch field trip for Tuesday because I told her we would be out Thursday. I am so glad he's well liked and is doing so good in school. Makes for a proud mommy. I prayed all summer that he would have a good connection with the teacher and that I would as well. I know from the teacher perspective how important it is to have good parents on your side. I really feel like this school year so far is a blessing. Colby is doing so well and loves to go! He has learned so much like counting, ABC's, and is talking so much more.

Once it was finally time for pictures I wondered how Colby would do. He hasn't had "studio" pictures made since he was 6 months old. All his pictures since have been outside in a park where he could just do his thing and be photographed. I knew this would be no easy task. Ofcourse I was right he pitched a fit and didn't want to stand/sit for the camera. I finally bribed him with my car keys. It came out cute enough I think.

Thursday Colby had school so I did my weekly grocery shopping. I am trying to do it now on Thursdays so I don't have to take Colby with me when I go. He always behaved well and always seemed to enjoy it but its still easier alone...I can take my time and not have to worry about him putting things in his mouth or pulling things off the shelf or tossing things out the basket. Its relaxing to grocery shop alone I think! Last night we went over to my parent's house because my Aunt Ree is in town. She and my mom are heading up to Starkville today to spend a few days. They are going there to see Tony (Aunt Ree's son) and also just to visit where they grew up. Colby did well for the most part considering he didn't have much of a nap and we were out later then his usual bathtime/bedtime. He only had a couple meltdowns but ended up eating a good dinner and being pretty social with everyone.

Today (Friday) was one of those days we didn't have to be anywhere. We were able to take our time getting ready which was nice. We went out to the church b/c they have put some new flooring down in the nursery area so I was told my Sunday School room hadn't been put back together. Well my parents went in there Wednesday night and pretty much did all the work. So when we got there I let Colby play on one of the playgrounds. He had a was such a pretty day. When we got inside my friend Kristie and her little boy Cade were there. I was happy to see them so Colby and Cade could play. They always play really well together. I ended up keeping both of the boys for about an hour in the nursery b/c Kristie was trying to help decorate for a church shower tomorrow. They did really well together. They are 10 months apart so Colby is 2 and Cade is 1 but they still interact really well together. The rest of our day is low key just staying at home but excited that Austin is off tomorrow! He is rarely off on Saturdays except when we got out of town so its going to be fun and feel like a real weekend tomorrow!

Sleeping update: The last 2 days have been bad as far as Colby's sleeping. He didn't nap yesterday which for some reason on his school days he doesn't sleep anymore. At first he did but now he seems to excited to sleep...hoping that will change when the newness wears off! He also slept horribly last night. He took until sometime after 9:15 to fall asleep then he was awake from 4-6 on and off crying and we had to keep going in there. Today he didn't want to nap either I finally had to really threaten him to not get up. He slept maybe an hour and a half which is honestly not good enough but least it left me with some quiet time to nap myself!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just a Quiet Week

This is one of those weeks where we aren't doing much other then our daily routine which is sometimes nice. I feel like the last few have been so busy its nice to know this week doesn't hold much for us! Next week will be busy so I am enjoying the quiet while it lasts!
Yesterday Colby and I had no where to be so we just had one of our park dates then went to Petsmart. Colby had fun at the park but there were no other kids there so after like 20 minutes he was bored and ready to go. He enjoyed the animals at Petsmart though. Other then that we stayed home all day and Austin didn't get home until 7 so it was a long, quiet day!
Today has been much the same except Colby had school from 9-12. What was nice about today was I got to come home all by myself! This is the first time this has happened since Colby has been in school. We have either had work going on, or Austin was off or something so it was nice to come home and enjoy those 3 quiet hours. I even picked up pancakes from McDonald's to celebrate. I would have made pancakes b/c Colby loves them too but I couldn't justify making a whole batter for just him and I plus school mornings I don't have as much time. So honestly it was nice to eat them in peace! I got some housework done and just quiet time while he was away. When I picked him up they said he was really good. He has school pictures tomorrow which I am so excited about! His first school pictures! He also has his first field trip next week as well! This is the fun stuff about him going to school! Ofcourse his field trip is just at the church in their pumpkin patch but still it should be fun! I get to go help out as well so that will be cool!
The rest of the day we don't have much planned we will probably play outside and just enjoy our time around the house!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Trip to Hattiesburg

We just got home from our weekend in Hattiesburg. It was a busy but very fun weekend. We went up because it was USM's homecoming. Austin and my dad go to all the games but this was the first and perhaps the only one Colby and I would make it to this year.

I left Friday with my parents and Colby. We hoped to get out around 12:30 and have plenty of time in Hattiesburg that afternoon to relax. It ended up taking us 2 hours though just to get out the city. It was very frustrating we spent over 4 hours in the car. Thankfully though Colby was a trooper and never fussed. He also stayed dry the entire time! He is doing so well with that! Anyway once we got there my parents had to do a quick grocery run for us. After they got back we went out to eat with Austin's parents. Austin was on his way up by that point he couldn't leave until after work that day. It was nice to visit with Austin's parents and mine. Colby was really good too! After dinner we decided to take Colby back to the apartment playground so he could burn off some energy! He had the best time! They have a really big slide that has turns to it...Colby must have gone down that thing 50 times! He just giggled and laughed...he's truly going to be a daredevil! We all had fun seeing him have a good time! I now know where we will be taking him when we go to the apartment haha. After he played we took a walk around. It was nice outside and fun to look at the Halloween decorations. Afterwards we bathed Colby and by that time Austin arrived. We got Colby tucked in bed and I was honestly a little worried that he wouldn't had been awhile since the 3 of us have slept in the same room. Plus this was only the 2nd time he slept on his new little blow up toddler bed! But he did great! We didn't hear a peep out of him all night! WHEWW so glad!

The next morning we got up and ate a good breakfast then Austin, Colby, and I headed out the the USM homecoming parade. We weren't going to get to take him to the game so we wanted to atleast take him to the parade. He loved it! This was only his 2nd parade experience. He went to Mardi Gras this past year. He loved the parade though...the cars, trucks, police, and firetrucks were all up his alley! He was very good during the whole thing! After we rode around campus to see all the Homecoming decorations. We also stopped by Austin's parents so they could visit with us for a little bit. We wanted to get back to the apartment though and rest so we didn't stay long. We ate lunch then all ended up laying down for a nap and Colby slept almost 3 hours! I was so proud of him this trip how well he slept!

For the game it was Austin, me, his sister Wendi, and my dad. Colby stayed back at the apartment with my mom. Austin's parents and Shelbi and Maggie went over there to play too for some of the evening. From what I hear they all had fun and Colby did really well. They said he played with his cousins really well! Its fun seeing them grow up together. Shelbi is 6 , Maggie is 4, and Colby is 2. They are stairsteps! The game was fun except the fact USM lost but it was nice to relax and watch the game and visit with Austin and his sister. Again we all slept good that night...I was worried once again how Colby would do especially since he had been put down by my mom and we weren't there but he slept all night!

Today we got up pretty early to head home. We wanted to get in in time to relax and get some house chores done before the Saints game. Colby was pretty good. We played outside some and I think he was glad to get back to all his cars/trucks. We were all sad about the Saints loss though hopefully they will do better next week! Colby has been letting us know when he needs to potty and even going to the potty when he has to poop although I think that one is going to take some time to perfect. Tonight he went a few times and had a small case of diarhea...just hoping it was something he ate and not the beginning of getting sick! Last October he had his first ear infection so far we have just had small colds so I am praying it stays that way! I always get worried though after being out of town b/c that is usually when we come home sick!