Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mommy's Lil Mess

So lately Colby is just so full of personality! He's my own Dennis the Menace...I don't consider him bad but just a little mischievious from time to time. He's hit the 2s but one thing I can say about him is when he does have fits they aren't full fledged crazy tantrum fits like a lot of kids. He cuts them off pretty quick...he also usually knows when I mean business and he obeys pretty quickly!
So the last 2 days its been mommy and Colby time and we have had fun! Yesterday we went to the park! There was another little girl there the same age so it was fun to watch them play together. We stayed about 30-40 minutes but then it just got TOO hot! After I took him to Petsmart because the dog and cat both needed food but Colby always enjoys this store. He likes to look at the fish, birds, and kitties. He also always picks a toy for Allie which is cute because then he comes home and gives it to her! The rest of the day we just hung out and played at home. Austin has been working a lot this week so its been late nights for us. Yesterday he didn't nap as long as he should have and I thought he was going to be very cranky for me the rest of the day but he wasn't too bad!
Today Colby and I went swimming at my parent's house. That is usually our Saturday "thing" especially if Austin is working. There isn't much else for us to do on a Saturday since most of my friend's husbands are off so we hang out with my parents. Swimming is a great thing too because it usually wears him out! Today he "swam" really well. There were a few times he "swam" on his own a little bit. He was using his arms and feet to move! My mom swears he will be swimming by the end of the summer! He has pretty much been swimming 3 times a week sometimes more all summer.
Oh also to make today interesting he woke up around 6:50...I was still in the bed sound asleep and Austin was in the shower. He suprised Austin by greeting him in the shower then I woke up a few minutes later to him peering over the bed! He doesn't get up too often this early thankgoodness! I try not to let it get me upset. Since it is morning and the sun is out its ok I figure! I look at it like he will definitely be tired by naptime and maybe we can get more accomplished since we were up earlier. It only affected my getting up by 30 min anways! It was also cool that we were all up as a family since that doesn't normally happen days Austin is working!
I figured due to the swimming and the early rising he would take a really long nap today! Boy was a wrong! He went down at almost 1 so I figured I had until 4 for him to get up! Well he was out of his room at 3. Again I couldn't fault him for this he slept 2 hours which is probably good for a 2 year old! I have a feeling 3 hour naps are slowly fading anyway. By 3 he will probably only be napping an hour! Its ok though he seemed well rested when he got up and not cranky so I guess he got just the right amount!
Now we are just waiting on Austin to get home...praying its not late...he has been 7 or 8 the last 2 nights and that just makes the afternoon seem soo long with a toddler! Excited he is off most of the day tomorrow and we all will be at church as a family though!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Accidents Happen

So today has been a frustrating day in the world of potty training! What makes it the most frustrating is knowing Colby can go weeks without having any accidents then there is a day like today where he has 9 or 10! I lost my temper and patience with him today which now I feel so bad about though!
It all began with today at the playdate I didn't take him potty over there which I should have. I guess I honestly didn't think about it since no one else went to the potty and its always a little wierd going at someone else's house so I knew he would have wet his pullup there so we got home he went to the potty though and I changed him. I let him know its ok he wet it while we were gone b/c mommy didn't take him to the potty. I put him back in underwear though hoping it would make him realize we were home now and we weren't going to pee on ourselves! Well he was off playing and next thing I know he had pooped in his underwear! he has never done this before! He usually waits to do that until he has a pullup on or diaper at night. Unfortunately he hasn't made a lot of progress with that...he has pooped on the potty like 5 times but it was almost a month ago now and he just won't do it but I haven't pushed it either I figured he would do that when he was ready. So ok I cleaned up one mess so the rest of the day I felt lazy and just put him in pullups I really wasn't ready for anymore messes!
He always pees during his naptime but again I expect that because he is in his room for 3 hours. He hasn't grasped telling me when he has to potty yet I still have to remind him or I catch him with body language or sometimes he leads me to the bathroom. He peed in his pullup about 3 or more times after his nap which he never does! And we were home with me taking him potty every hour! I don't know what his deal was! I am not sure if he got all off routine with the playdate this morning and it being acceptable to pee in his pullup or what?!? I had to get firm with him tonight because I really had no other way to get through to him that its not ok to pee on yourself! I hope tomorrow is better and I know I should be patient since he did just turn 2 and most boys don't get it until close to 3. Its just going to be a hard year as far as making sure he goes to the potty all the time and worrying about accidents I think diapers were easier! And its so tempting to go back to diapers but I really don't want to do that! I just feel like its a never ending process!

Bible Study and Playdate

I have enjoyed getting to know a new circle of friends this summer. I started going back to the MOPS group that I joined last year. We went about 6 or so times to MOPS during the year and I liked it but I never felt like I fit in for some reason. The same group though offers a summer Bible Study for women. I thought I would try it out again this summer being a smaller group I thought I would get to know the women better. Sure enough I have loved it! Its a great way to break up the week and its nice to get away and listen and talk amongst other moms and also spend time in God's Word. Its so hard to do things for yourself when you are a mom. I feel like my quiet time with God even lacks when it shouldn't. I have gotton together with a couple of the women this summer with their children too which has been nice to make friends and see Colby have some friends too. They have childcare at the Bible Study but I have just been letting my parents keep Colby. 1) Their house is on the way to the study so I figure why not they love seeing him and it gives them a chance to bond and 2) I don't have to sit through Bible Study worried that they are going to bring him to me (which happened once at a MOPS meeting).
Today we had a playdate scheduled with one of the moms from the group. She has 2 girls. One is 2 1/2 and the other is 9 months. We went to their house. I hope to do this more often with Colby. He is around other kids at church but not much during the week. I think he had a good time. At first he was a little unsure and he would get upset about little things but I think he finally got comfortable and had fun! He played well with the 2 year old girl too. She is a little older so she really wanted him to play more with her while he just wanted to play alone with her toys but he will get there in time. He did just turn 2 and right now parallel play is what he should still be doing anyway. I hope we can have them over soon too and let them play with Colby's toys. Its good for children to learn to share this way! We stayed about 2 hours so I am hoping that tired Colby out enough he will sleep well today!
We don't have any other plans today though I am hoping for Austin to pick up po-boys tonight so I don't have to cook...its just so dang hot right now to be working in the kitchen! Plus we cooked a lot earlier in the week so I feel like I deserve a break!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We gave Colby a tricycle for his birthday along with a helmet and knee pads! I know I know its just a tricycle and I swore I would never do this...I mean we didn't wear helmets when I even rode a regular bike but the thought of my little boy falling off and bumping his head scares me to death! He hated it the first time but now he knows that if he rides he has to wear his safety gear so he is fine with it!

He hasn't gotton the real hang of the peddles yet but we are working on it with him! I don't remember how old I was when I really knew how to ride my tricycle! I love that his tricycle though is the old timey one just like the one I had! He loves it but we have to pull him right now or push him! We have only gotton a few chances to take it out because we have been so busy plus its so hot in the front of our house most of the day! i look forward to really teaching him how to ride it this fall and maybe he can follow us on our walks!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Daddy Days

It seemed like forever since Austin was off even though it was just last weekend. But with VBS and Colby's party we really didn't have time for much relaxation! So it was a welcome change to have Austin off yesterday and today!

Yesterday we had some errands to run but we also wanted to take Colby to a park. We had planned on going to one by the lake but it was closed for some reason so we went to Laffrinere instead. It was fine just hot! Colby had a blast though! I wish we could have stayed longer but it was just so hot so 30 minutes was all we could stand! He played a lot though!

After the park we went to Olive Garden for a nice family lunch outting. Its rare we all 3 go out to eat for lunch like that so it was a treat! I got eggplant parmesan! It was yummy! Colby loved the spaghetti...he also ate breadsticks and salad! Colby was pretty good in the restaurant except when he is done eating he is ready to go! He is also getting very attached to Austin I am noticing. Lately he doesn't want to leave his daddy behind! I guess they had so much bonding time last week he wants to always be around him!

The rest of the day we were able to just relax and stay home which was so nice!

Today I had a dentist appointment first thing so I slipped away for that while Austin kept Colby at home. We had planned on taking him to the aquarium when I got back. We were able to get there soon after they opened and good thing because it got crowded quick! We are fortunate to have a membership so we don't feel as if we lose out if we just go and stay an hour. With Colby's age thats about as much time as you can spend especially on a day like today with the crowds. He did really well though...we let him walk some which he loved! He didn't like being put back in the stroller! He loved running around the kiddie play area! That was probably his favorite! I just wish it had an age limit...its designed for smaller kids but they get overrun with like 10 year olds which isn't fair! He had a good time anyway though!

Once we came home we ate lunch and just all crashed! So glad he's taking a good nap though...he decided 2-3 am would be a good time to play in his room last night! He's a mess with this whole toddler bed thing! I mean I can't complain atleast he doesn't cry and stuff but he's just so random now...we also took the pacifier away so not sure if that contributes to the less sleep too! But once again least he isn't crying for it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

VBS Day 5

Wow so VBS is officially over! In a way it has gone by really fast but in a way it feels like the longest week! I will definitely miss my 4 and 5 year olds. I will also miss going somewhere at night and fellowshipping with all my wonderful, Christian friends and family at church. The thing I won't miss though is missing out on putting my sweet boy to bed! I have not see my baby to bed since Saturday night! I really miss it too! By the time I get home he is sound asleep! I am thankful he is asleep when I come home so I can rest and so he's not incredibly cranky but I really miss that special time! My body almost aches though I think because I am so tired! It really didn't hit me until today how tired my body and mind are though. this whole week we have been on the run so I have just been going going going. Today we didn't have to be anywhere which was wonderful but when I stopped I felt how exausted I am.
Tonight was a good night though. Colby had another great night in his class. He napped well tonight which meant for a good night at VBS! He was once again excited and anxious to go to church! His class got to come into the assembly time and put their coins in for the offering! It was soo cute! They came in with their stick horses. Ofcourse my child had 2! Once he saw me he came running and was so excited! It was precious! He got to sit with me a few minutes before his class went back. My mom said he ate really well again! He cried though to leave well 1) he wanted to take a play piano home with him and 2) he didn't want to leave me. I think he is missing his mommy at bedtime too! He stayed dry all night though I think for the first time all mom has been taking him to the potty but he wasn't staying on the potty long enough to actually finish so he would wet his pullup sometimes...I knew the potty training would get a little off this week since we were kinda out of our routine. But she finally figured out how to make him sit until he was fully done and so all day today he had no accidents! YAY!
My class was good tonight as well. We were back up to 16! I feel like they did good...they got hyper at times but nothing crazy! They seem to know their song really well and I look forward to hearing them sing it for their parents tomorrow night! Like I say its a relief now that VBS is behind us but I know this time next week I will miss it!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

VBS Day 4

I feel like Day 4 was a sucess! I can't believe we are almost finished the week!
I will start out with Colby's night! His night was much better due to the fact he took a good nap yesterday. He stayed with my parent's yesterday morning and swam while I was at Bible Study which was awesome b/c he always naps well after that! So since he had a good nap he was in a great mood and ready to go to VBS! When we got him out of the car he headed straight for the door and walked all the way to his classroom without any guidance! I think he really is having a blast! They are actually doing crafts and doing the same story that the rest of us are doing which I think is so cool! So he's not back there for an hour and a half just playing he is actually having a mini vbs. Again there was 3 kids in there. I think the last couple of nights they have let Colby go to the 3 year old room for a little while since he is the oldest in the nursery class.
My class had 14 last night and the kids were really good. I felt like it was calmer then the other 2 nights. I also didn't have to lead tonight which was a relief. Jana and I had agreed to split it up. It worked out nicely. Don't get me wrong though the teacher in me enjoyed leading the first 3 nights but it was nice to just go and help out and not have to prepare everything ahead of time! I am in charge of the their song though they will be performing Friday night. Somehow I got myself volunteered for that! I picked a song that I had been teaching them in circle time and they all seem to get it and like it so hopefully they will perform well for their parents!
So that was a run down of day 4...oh and I have to say the people who are preparing the food are awesome...its so nice to know your kid is being fed back there and that I get to sit and eat as well!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 3 of VBS

Ok so we are halfway done now! I know by Friday I am gonna be exausted but I know in the end the memories made and the impact on the children makes it all so worth it! I am suprisingly not too terribly tired yet. I mean I am tired but I am trying to stay focused on the goal and not get overwhelmed.
Colby had a pretty good night...started out rocky on the car ride there...he was very whiny and needy. He only slept for about an hour today so I knew it would be a long night for him. My mom said though he was good in class! He got to go in assembly again...not sure if he liked it as much as the first night but I think that all was because he was tired. He also cried when he had to leave with his daddy which he hasn't done the last 2 nights either. He also cried when we got to church like AGAIN MOM? But I think he will be ok..I hope tomorrow night he will be better rested and have a good time. Like I say I think he had fun once he was there but I know he had to have been exausted!
My class I felt went better tonight. We had 16 though! Our class keeps growing...but that is a good thing! I feel like things went smoother though! They are still a little hyper and hard to get them focused but I pulled out my "teacher voice" a couple times and they all listened up! Its been fun being a teacher...I guess I missed teaching more then I realized! Again part of me wants to whine about how tired I am but I know I just have to stay focused and not let myself think that way! When I feel like I want to complain I just stop and think what we are doing and the impact VBS has on these children and how Colby is beginning his first ever VBS experience! We are creating so many great memories its hard not to be excited and smile! So that is all..we have 2 more days of VBS then family night on Friday! Looking forward to what God has in store the rest of the week!

2 Year Checkup

Today Colby had his 2 year checkup! It seems like we just brought him in for his first one! He did really well. I have only brought him to the doc a couple times by myself but I think he has behaved the best when its just me...somehow I think he understands when its just momma there she really needs him to behave! He was a big boy from the time we got there to the time we left. He sat very patient in the waiting room then didn't cry a bit when the doctor came in! We saw a different doctor today and I almost say I like her I do feel like our other doctor might be more efficient and checks him over really well but he doesn't relate to Colby very well. I also like that he is older and has been around forever! Sometimes experience is the best way to go when it comes to doctors.
The doctor today was a lady ...I think we saw her at one of Colby's infant checkups...she was very personable and had a good time with Colby. She was very patient with him and went out of her way to make him feel at ease. He didn't cry at all which is a first! He stood up on the scale too like a champ! He didn't want to leave the scale though b/c of Elmo being on it! Overall I felt very good about this appointment. They asked me things like if he could kick a ball, point to one or more body parts, communicate with us somehow, and follow directions. She also asked about his sleeping habits and if he was talking. She seemed very pleased with his development. She said at this age is when they start noticing autism in kids and Colby didn't fit any of that bill. She said he was very social and could do point at things and focus on someone at the same time which autistic kids usually can't. So that was good to hear that as far as we can tell he is right on track for a normal 2 year old boy!
He weighed 33 lbs ( I think it might be more like 32 since he had clothes and shoes on) and he was 35 inches tall. She said he was in the larger percent for both which is good! He's just a big boy! So grateful for a happy, healthy 2 year old! I thank God every day for giving him to us and keeping him so healthy! I know there are so many less fortunate parents and kids out there and I am just soo grateful my little man is healthy! She also commented on his "skinny file" I said yea he hasn't had very many sick visits at all! So thats good too!

Monday, July 19, 2010

VBS Day 2

Tonight was our second night of VBS! It was another great night! We had a lot more kids and I think it was slightly more hectic for everyone but still turned out good!
The report from Colby's class was that he did awesome. They didn't get to come in assembly though. They had 3 kids tonight and 2 of the 3 were crying. Colby was the only one not upset. I feel bad he didn't get to go so I may try to sneak him in the next 3 nights with me if I can. They said he did great in the room though and ate a great dinner. Austin again came and picked him up at 7. He was so sweet though when he was leaving...I go with Austin to pick him up and see them out the door. When they were leaving he ran back to me and I thought he might get upset that I wasn't leaving with them but he just turned around gave me a hug and went out with his daddy! That made me smile so big! He's growing up all too fast!
Our class grew from 9 to 15! We had 5 boys and 10 girls! They were pretty good just with that large or a number for that age you can expect more chaos. It took us longer to do things tonight which also made things more hectic b/c I felt like we were always running late. I felt more at ease tonight teaching so that was good. I think the kids really had a blast though which is fun to see! It might be a lot of work and they might make a huge mess but its worth it to see them get excited and having fun together!
I am looking forward to the next 3 nights to see what God has in store for me, our class, and my little boy! I know he's only 2 but right now this is planting small seeds for him later in life! I hope he is soaking up all his teachers are telling him! He is blessed to be able to attend VBS at such a young age!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

VBS Day 1

Today was our first night of VBS. Our church does it from 6-9 pm. I really wish it were during the day it would work better for Colby and I but we have figured out a way to make the night thing work too!
Colby goes to his own class. There is a 1&2 year class for teacher's children only. Right now its only Colby and Cade in class together. We have worked out a plan of Austin picking Colby up at 7 each night. This way he is home and in bed as his normal bedtime would be. No cranky pants for us! I just feel like right now 3 hours is too long for him at night and with us living so far from the church the poor child wouldn't get to bed until 10! Since Austin was off today he brought us then just left with Colby at 7.
From what I hear (my mom is one of his teachers) Colby loved the open assembly. I am glad they decided to bring the toddlers in for the meeting time. I knew Colby would love the music and all the excitement! It is so cute to look back too and see him sitting in there like such a big boy! My mom said he clapped and danced along to all the music. After assembly the little ones have dinner delivered to their room which is also awesome! Tonight was hotdogs and a fruit cup. My mom had also brought grapes for the boys! They said he ate like a champ. He also had fun playing in the room. And Austin says he did great at bedtime even without me here! My little man is so big!
Ok onto my class...I am teaching the pre-k class this year. We had 9 children tonight. We had 3 boys and 6 girls. They were all very well behaved. I am the head teacher so I had to prepare and do most of the lesson and activities. It wasn't bad though...I really enjoyed it! I hope the kids are as well behaved every night as they were tonight!
I didn't get home though until about 9:45 so by the time I got ready for bed and watched the news its now 10:45 so I am going to be hitting the hay soon! We have a busy day shopping then day 2 of VBS! I wish I had pictures from today...I had hoped I would have time to go and get some of Colby in his class...hopefully before the week is over!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Colby's 2nd Birthday!

Colby's cousins Shelbi and Maggie
Colby on his new toy!

The party guests

Colby was not fond of us singing to him!

Everyone in the pool!

enjoying some sunshine!

Colby and Daddy in the pool

Colby's 2nd birthday cake

Opening presents from mommy and daddy at home

Birthday balloons and visit from Mrs. Doris the night before

Today my baby boy turned 2! His birthday party and actual birthday landed on the same day this year which was kinda cool! He woke up to presents first at our house. We got him a tricycle, a Little People farm set, and a truck puzzle.

He thought the tricycle was pretty cool he rode it all around the house...well we pushed him he hasn't quite figured out the peddles yet! Once we were all ready we headed to my parent's house for the party. It started at 10:30 so we had to get on the move. We got there and you could tell Colby knew something was up. He actually had a little "attitude" so I wondered how the day would go. Last year he was very fussy and overwhelmed at the whole idea. I thought this year would be the same. Once people started arriving he put on his "shy" act. He didn't want anything to do with anyone except Austin and I really. He did decide he wanted in the pool though. Once he got out there he slowly warmed up to the idea of so many people around. He put on a show too...they decided to let him go down the pool slide which he had never done before! And ofcourse my daredevil child loved it! He must have done it 10 times or more. He started by going down with Austin at first but by the end was sailing down by himself! Such a mess!

Once everyone was tired of swimming we went in and ate lunch. Colby was so good...he ate and ate. All the kids sat at one table together it was very cute! There were only 4 kids (Shelbi 6, Maggie 3 1/2, Colby 2, and Cade 1.) It was fun watching them all eat and then play together! After the kids ate they all played together for awhile before it was time to cut the cake. Colby at first did not want to stop long enough to have everyone sing to him...but once he saw the candle he was in awe. I think he got a little shy when we all sang to him too! He and I shared a piece of cake...he probably ate about half a piece. I knew he wouldn't eat a whole one nor did he really need to I didn't want any stomach aches this afternoon. He seemed to really like what he ate though...I would say he enjoyed it more then last year for sure!

After cake it was present time. Once again he didn't want to stop from his playing long enough to participate. He was quickly convinced though with the motorcycle toy his mawmaw and pawpaw got for him. Ofcourse though once he saw that he really didn't care about the other things so I opened all the presents for him. He would ooh and ahh over some stuff but not much reaction. I guess atleast we got them opened though...last year we didn't even open them at the party!

When the party was over we came home for naps. Colby did really well though hanging in there and not getting grumpy but we knew he was tired. Heck I was tired! We all rested for a few hours. Then we drove across the river to meet Austin's family for dinner. It was nice to get to hang out with them more. Colby had a blast at the restaurant and back at the hotel with his cousins. They were all so cute running around together! Its fun seeing him interact with them now!

All in all I think Colby had a wonderful birthday! We are so blessed to have so many friends and family who love our child! I know he is going to enjoy checking out all his new toys this week! It was a great day...birthdays are so special and I look forward to enjoying them all with him! I just don't want them to come too quickly! I can't believe he's 2 though! He's doing so many big boy things now! He is pretty much potty trained now and sleeping in a big boy bed! We also plan on getting rid of the paci soon...I wanted to do it today but with VBS all week and me not being here to put him to bed I don't think this is the week to do it so maybe the following week! He goes for his 2 year checkup Tuesday so I am anxious to see how tall he is mainly. We know he weighs about 31 lbs. He still wears a size 2T and probably will for awhile. His clothes fit him perfectly so I expect that he will be 2T until early next year! His growth has slowed down a whole lot! Looking forward to another wonderful year of many memories with him!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hair Cut Round 3

Today was Colby's 3rd time getting a hair cut. I chose this week because it was his b-day week and I thought it would be nice to have a fresh cut for his party and birthday. Its also been since March since it was cut and it was longer then it had ever been. Its always bittersweet to me though to get his haircut. He's so cute with it cut but again I like his longer more baby looking hair too. He looks so grown up when its short!
Once again he cried for most of the haircut...I hope he outgrows this one of these days. I think he just doesn't like people fooling with him but he acts the same way with the dentist and doctor! Again I hope he outgrows it one day! Luckily she can get it done in less then 10 minutes so it isn't too much of a disaster! Ofcourse once it was done he was a happy fellow again!

Mommy's Lil Escape Artist

So since we converted Colby's bed to a big boy bed now he has recently discovered how to open his door as well! Its happened about 3 times in the morning and yesterday it happened at naptime. So far it hasn't been a huge problem though because he isn't getting out in the middle of the night. I am trying to not make a HUGE deal out of it yet b/c I think if I do then he will want to do it more...thats just how kids work!
So this morning he got out around 7:30. This was a first for him to come out this was also a first for him to get up while I was in the shower. The other times he has gotton up I have just been checking email or something so it wasn't a big deal...again I didn't make a big deal even this morning because atleast I was up and 7:30 isn't really early or anything. Now if it gets earlier then that or I'm still sleeping then I will be mad....I really didn't like him coming in while I was in the shower because it literally gave me no alone mommy time this morning which I so need! I love that quiet time I usually get before Colby wakes up. I hope this is not an end to that precious time! I need that time!
So this afternoon at naptime...I put him down like usual...he has never tried to escape at the beginning of naptime...yesterday it was around 2:30 and he had pooped so I let him slide then. Well a couple minutes after I put him down he was opening the door! I had to go in and really fuss and spank him. This is the first time I have really gotton upset with him about getting out but I don't want it to become a game. Coming out after all night or after awhile during naptime is one thing. Everyone keeps suggesting a baby gate and it might come to that but I really don't want it to. I want him to be a big boy and enjoy big boy responsibilities. We are going to keep working with him and let him learn the "right" times to enjoy freedom. We will probably invest in a baby gate for when we travel though. I am ok with him getting out at home but on vacation that will make me nervous! So that's all for now...I think he's taking a good nap today I haven't really heard him although we have had 2 very annoying phone calls for the wrong number !

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Donuts and Juice at the Park

Enjoying donuts and juice at the park

He was soo relaxed in this swing it was precious!

Yesterday Austin was off we decided it would be the perfect day for the 3 of us to go on an outting to celebrate Colby's 2nd birthday! We chose City Park for a breakfast picnic. We don't do donuts often at all so this was a treat for us all! Colby has only had donuts 1 or 2 times his entire life! Well he ended up loving them...he ate one whole donut by himself!

We ate and played at the really nice playground area. When got there we were the only ones there so it was really nice. We also went early enough it wasn't too hot either. After playing we decided to take a walk over to the lakes and see the ducks. Colby loved the ducks...he thought they were so funny! At one point we had like 50 ducks following us! It was halarious! We didn't bring any bread either. Colby was eating crackers so I am not sure if they smelled that or just saw people and thought we would feed them! We all worked up a sweat on this walk so after that we headed to the truck. Colby was ready for some AC and some juice!

We drove over to the church afterward because we had left his favorite sippy cup there Sunday. We went to retrieve it since we were close by! Turns out our friends Kristie and her son Cade who is in Colby's Sunday school class were there too! We let the boys play together for about an hour. It was a good time for Colby to burn off more energy. The boys play really well together. Cade is 1 actually 10 months behind Colby.

After that we came home and had lunch and Colby took a looong nap. It was almost 4 hours long! I was pretty shocked he slept that long but it was a nice break for Austin and I. Our friends Josh and Laura came over for dinner. Colby was such a ham he loved the company! He was in the best mood which was great!

It was an awesome day! I love simple days like that where we create memories as a family! Every year I want to celebrate with Colby somehow just the 3 of us. Since his b-day is Saturday and that is the day of his party we opted to do that yesterday!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

What a morning!

Must have been a full moon this Sunday! Things were crazy from the moment we got to church! From kids pooping everywhere to fussing because of teeth then during extended care Colby fell over a folding chair and squished his fingers inside the chair! It was nuts! I was with him during Sunday School then extended care and was right there when he did it! I am thankful that I was there....I'm not sure if the teachers would have come and gotton me or what I am just glad I was there when it happened.
It ended up with me leaving early and meeting Austin with him downtown at Urgent Care. The doctor examined him and said they weren't broken just badly bruised. I am glad though we went ahead and took him atleast for my peace of mind! I would have spent all day worrying about them if not!
After such a crazy, long morning he came home and took a looong nap which was great! It was the first in several days. Austin got home early and we were able to have a nice family evening together!
Other then the finger incident it was a great day in church. Colby had several friends to play with. He was 1 of 6 in extended care. There were 1 year olds, 2 year olds, and 3 year olds in his class! He has a great time there and I am truly thankful for that also!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bounce Bounce

Today since Austin was off we brought Colby to a Bounce House place. We had never been nor had he ever been in an inflatable before. I knew he would love it though! He loves bouncing on the beds and couches. He also is so full of boundless energy. I figured with Austin being with us it would be a fun time to check out a new place.

I heard about this place called the Bounce Spectrum in Metairie. It is basically a HUGE room filled with about 9 or 10 big inflatables. It ranges from spacewalks, to slides, to basketball goals. Colby was ooohing and ahhhing when we walked in. He right away wanted to play. He was a little timid at first though he didn't want to be in one with other kids. After about 15 minutes he somehow found his snack and sippy cup and just wanted to sit and snack. We let him have a break which he also went to the potty! First time in public! After we sorta had to force him back into it. I knew he would love it though if he would relax just about like everything else. Austin finally took him down some of the bigger slides and he got such a kick out of it. After Austin playing with him for awhile he got really into it. He played hard for about an hour. He was climbing in and playing by himself by the end and the other kids didn't scare him. I am so glad we found out about this place! Its such a great place to go on a rainy or hot day! It was also very clean and organized. We went when they opened at 10 and stayed until about 11:30. They closed at noon for a field trip which I liked. They let you know when field trips will be there so you aren't stuck there with a bunch of crazy older kids. Most of the kids there today were under 8. Also the place was so big Colby mostly was able to have an entire inflatable to himself!

After playing hard we decided to eat lunch at McAlister's before coming home. We came home and Colby went right down for nap. We actually didn't hear him play at all today. Which was my goal to tire him out so he would rest well at naptime!

It was great having Austin around this afternoon we ate an early dinner. He cooked chicken alfredo for us so we ate then took a nice stroll around the block. Once we got home we bathed Colby because he was so dirty but it wasn't quite his bedtime yet so we let him watch Wonder Pets before bed! We both love days when daddy is home! They are so special!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Fun!

Playing at Barnes and Noble

Half asleep and half awake in his big boy bed!

Well it felt wierd today to not have to be anywhere! For the last 2 weeks with swim lessons our days were very predictable! So we woke up today with no place to be but wanted to get out of the house for Colby to burn off some energy! My first thought was the library storytime but then realized it would be closed for the holiday...then I thought the park...then it rained! I was quickly running out of options! I didn't want to go across the river either!

I figured Barnes and Noble is fun...Colby loves the train table...we could just go and he could play and I could just look at books while he played! So that is what we did! He loved it too...I think he played for about 30 minutes while I just sat and watched or looked at children's books. I was tempted to buy more books but he has soo many! I figured I would wait and see what he got for his birthday!

After we left we just drove around for a little while...I would have liked to have stayed out longer I even tried calling a few friends to see if we could stop and visit but everyone was out of town. We came home and Colby enjoyed playing around the house.

I knew he probably wouldn't take a good nap since we didn't do a whole lot this morning. Sure enough at 1:40 he was still playing. I went and layed him down. I guess he went to sleep but then probably only slept a little over an hour before he was up! So the rest of the day he was kinda grumpy! Austin got home a little early thank goodness! We ate our pot roast, with potatoes, rice, and carrots for dinner. It was too wet to play much outside although we did let Colby out in the front right before his bath so he could burn off some energy! All in all it was a pretty nice day!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

Today has been a wonderful today! We began the day at church. I thought it was great for the 4th to fall on a Sunday so we could have a patriotic service. I will begin with Sunday School though. We had all 3 boys today (Colby, Cade, and Broc). They were all very good...the time flew by too...when all 3 are there I feel like the hour goes by so fast! Its now a little more tiring because I not only have to change diapers but I get to take Colby and Broc to the potty as well! Gotta love potty training boys!
I thought I was going to have to work extended care too because the workers didn't show up until almost 10:30. Colby thought I was staying too so he screamed and cried when I left. He doesn't normally do this when I am able to scoot out right when the transition happens. I left him even though it hurt me so much to do so...I know its in his best interest. He has to get used to situations like this. I went back to check after like 5 minutes and he wasn't crying anymore so I knew he was ok. Church was awesome...we were reminded that not only are we citizens of this great country America but more importantly we are citizens of God's Kingdom Heaven! It was a great reminder that even though things on this earth aren't always perfect there is a place where oneday everything will be! I also loved singing the patriotic music although I wish we would have sung more!
After church we went to my parent's house. They were having lunch over there. I enjoyed hanging out and watching Colby play. He loves all the toys there...I even had fun playing with him with some of my old toys! He went to bed before lunch though. He hung in until about 1:30 but was getting very tired by that point. I knew if we let him stay up he would have just been tired and cranky and it always works out well that he sleeps while we eat so we can relax and visit. If not I feel like I don't get to talk to anyone!
He played shy a lot today which is a phase he is going through. I try not to make a big deal out of it because I have read that if you do the child becomes more shy. I think the more people talk to him the worse it gets sometimes he just has to "warm" up to others...I was that way too as a child so I don't worry about it!
This evening we are just going to enjoy some family time the 3 of us. We bought some fireworks for Colby last night when we went to Belle Chasse. We did a few sparklers and poppers and he thought they were pretty cool! Part of me wants to take him to the big fireworks on the river but 1) its not until 9 and he is in bed wayy before then and 2) I think it might be too much for him right now! So maybe when he is turning 5 we will take him! Its something to look forward to!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Last Day for Swim lessons!

So today was Colby's last swim lesson for this year! I was kinda sad but at the same time glad that we will get to move on to something else! They were really fun but after swimming for 2 weeks straight and nothing else it will be nice to be able to not follow that schedule anymore. He did great today which was a relief that he went out on a good note...especially after 2 bad days just this week! He did wonderfully he was all smiles and showed off his cute personality and good swimming skills. He swam all by himself to the steps...I can't wait to get him in my parents pool and really let him show off for them!
He also did great sleeping last night he again didn't get up out of his bed until about 8 this morning! Naptime also went much better today! As far as I know he stayed in his bed until around 3ish giving him atleast a 2 1/2 hour nap! YAY I am so proud of him growing up! Its sad in some ways but exciting nonetheless!
The rest of the day has been very low key for us as has been the week! We are both pretty tired after swim lessons and don't feel like going anywhere else! Tomorrow is grocery shopping so nothing too exciting there! Looking forward to the 4th of July though! Hoping maybe Colby can see some fireworks I dunno though if he'll be up that late we'll see if we can keep him up! I want to take him to 4th on the River but probably not until next year or the next will he be big enough for that sorta thing! So that's all the news for now!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well the last 24 hours have been interesting....Colby slept in his bed last night very well. I don't think he ever even got out until this morning at 8:15 at that point he was trying to get out of hiw room. I hope he continues doing this well. I didn't sleep well all night though I kept listening for him to wake up either because he fell out or he got up playing. I also thought he might wake up earlier then normal but 8:15 was pretty good.

Today with swim lessons though he didn't do so well. I had a feeling this would happen. He hasn't pooped since Tuesday with the whole experience so I wondered if we would have a repeat! He seemed fine at home though and was even quite ready to go swimming. He couldn't wait to get in the pool. After about 10 minutes though he had enough. Not sure if it was him having to poop or he just wanted to get in and out on his own time or what. At my parent's pool he gets to play on the steps and get in and out as much as he wants o I wondered if what had some to do with it. As soon as swim lessons were done though he was playing with toys and happy again. When we got home though I made him sit on the potty and told him to pee and poop. Sure enough he did both!He has now pooped on the potty twice I can't believe he is doing so well with potty training!

Today for naptime once again I wondered how he would do in the big boy bed. I heard noise for quite awhile so I decided to go in at 1. Sure enough he was standing by the door. He got upset when I layed him back in bed so I sat down by the bed for about 5 minutes and rubbed his back. It seemed to calm him a little but he didn't seem convinced to go to sleep. I left out and sure enough I heard him back up. I gave it until about 1:30 and went back in and put him in the bed. Again later I heard more noise this went on until about 2:30. You could tell he was soo tired. He was fighting sleep bad. I figured naptime would be harder then nighttime b/c he does have "bad" nap days more often then he has "bad nights". Finally this time I got firm with him and told him he had to stay in his bed. After that he seemed convinced and now its 4:30 and I haven't heard anymore noise. I think I am about go in there though b/c I don't want him sleeping until 5 and having a hard time going down tonight! Oh the joys of growing up though! Its been quite a day! I love it though! I love that he's such a big boy!