Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Settling into Life Back at Home & ER Visit

So we got back from Hattiesburg Thursday around lunchtime. It felt good to get back home. Ofcourse we were busy all day unpacking and cleaning and prepping for the weekend. It was a pretty low key afternoon. Austin picked up baked potatoes for us for dinner that night. 
Friday the kids and I had to grocery shop. Again it was another low key day. I hadn't planned anything else for the day b/c I figured it would be good to catch up around the house and on rest. We stayed in and just enjoyed being together. I had plans that afternoon to get the kids to do some school work and spend time outside. Well we still had b-day cake leftover from last Sunday so the kids had been begging for a piece of that. Well I promised them that afternoon they could have some. Well as I was getting ready to cut them a piece of cake the kids came running into the kitchen. I heard a loud bang and knew that Lindsay had fallen or hit her head. At first I didn't think much of it though b/c that girl runs into stuff all the time. I just figured one of them had pushed the other one or something. Well I looked up at her and she had a deep gash in her forehead. And it started gushing blood everywhere! I tried not to panic knowing that the head bleeds more than anywhere else. I tried to call Austin to ask him but he didn't answer. After about 5 minutes of her gushing blood everywhere I knew we needed to go somewhere. I got everything loaded up and by the the bleeding had slowed down but I had no idea if she would need stitches or not. I called our pediatrician while we were in the car but they only suggested going to the ER. So that is where we went. We ended up at the hospital both kids were born at. It was closest plus I knew she would already be in the system there. We went through Triage where they took her temp and weight. We were then told to go wait. I got worried when I saw a room full of people but we only waited about 10 min before they called us back. They ended up being able to use glue and Steri Strips to repair the bobo. I was so glad they didn't have to do stitches! The whole process took under an hour. I was so relieved! Everyone who worked on her was super. My parents and Austin got there both about the same time. My parents were able to stay in the waiting room with Colby thankfully. 
Once we got home we were able to make dinner and enjoy our evening together. Washing her hair that night was interesting though! 

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