Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer Days.....

Saturday we had 0 plans which was such a relief. After traveling and Colby's birthday it was so nice to have a day without much going on. We had planned to go swim at my parent's house. Ofcourse after Linday's little disaster I worried that we might not be able to do that. I talked with Lindsay though and we agreed that she could sit on the steps and play but couldn't get in past that. Since her bobo is on her head she could still wade in the pool and not get the glue wet. It ended up working out really well. We were still able to swim for almost 2 hours! It felt so good and was so nice! We also had lunch with my parents after. We did come on home after lunch b/c again I was ready to relax and have some time around the house. We relaxed and Austin got home and we cooked chicken sandwiches and had fries for dinner. 
Sunday was nice having Austin off. We were all able to sleep in too! I had been asked to serve 2nd service so we only went to the 1. It felt kinda nice to have the morning to relax and take things a little slower getting ready. We arrived at about 10:30 at church. We had both decided to work upstairs. Austin had told me to ask some of the children's interns if they needed help and they said yes! So he ended up teaching Colby's class and I taught Lindsay's. It ended up being a very fun morning! I never pictured myself working in Jumpstart b/c I so love the preschool age but its been a wonderful change of pace. My little class had 5 kiddos and it was funny b/c I had taught them all as preschoolers. We had 3 active boys in our class which were some of the same "active" ones I had a few years ago downstairs but all in all they did pretty good. After church we also ended up meeting my family for lunch at the Mexican restaurant. Again something out of the norm! We are all rarely all there for 2nd service so it was a nice treat! It was fun to get to laugh and visit with everyone! After we came home for naps! The rest of the day was mostly spent around the house just hanging out. We did go for a walk that night. We had leftovers for dinner. 
Monday Austin was off and our original plan was to take the kids to the Cool Zoo. If you remember this was actually our plan the Monday before on Colby's birthday. But we had woken up to what looked like rain and we were trying to get to Hattiesburg and we opted out thinking it would be too much. Well now with Lindsay's head injury we couldn't go bc she still can't get it wet. We were also keeping her little friend Genevieve that day as well. So we ended up going to the Aquarium. This is a place we usually visit atleast once during the summer as well. I think it had been several months since we had gone. Colby went during his kids camp but the rest of us it had been awhile. Well the kids ended up having a blast. We got up with Genevieve and I think we spent about 2 hours in the Aquarium. We even missed a section! Now that the kids are older their focus seems to last longer. They can watch one exhibit for awhile rather then just running from one thing to the next. It also didn't seem to be too crowded which made it fun too. The kids loved feeding the parakeets! My favorite was the owl and a lady even came out and told us a little about him as well which was cool. It was just a fun time. After the aquarium we decided to go on and eat lunch at the Riverwalk. That's also become a summer time tradition for us. It was a lengthy walk but the kids did great. I felt like we all got our physical activity in. We all ate Cane's in the Food Court. It was pretty busy/crowded but still enjoyable. After we made the Trek back to the car. We had to pick up my van which was getting new tires then we came on home. That afternoon the kids played. They were inside/outside, watched tv, played legos and cars. I think they both really enjoyed just having a friend to play with! Genevieve left about 5 and we got busy cooking dinner. We had a really delicious dinner of pork chops, corn, green beans, roasted potatoes, and roasted tomatoes, oh and okra. It was very colorful! After we even got out for a walk which was fun. 

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