Sunday, July 30, 2017

Somewhat Back to Routines

Well Tuesday once Austin went back to work the kids and I are trying to find our summer routine groove again. The last few weeks there really hasn't been much of a routine. Between the week of kid's camp, Colby's b-day, and a trip to Hattiesburg life has been a little crazy and the kids starting acting a little entitled especially Colby so I knew we needed to aim for some much as you can have during summer?
So tuesday I had my last bible study of the summer. I feel like I haven't been much...well there were only 5 sessions and I missed 2. It was good to get back though and study in the Word and be around the ladies. The kids of course went to my parents house. waking up early though and getting out the house on a Tuesday felt like somewhat normal and made us feel productive so that was good! After Bible study I picked the kids up and then we drove to Belle Chase to pick Ella up to play. After getting her I had to run an errand to the bank then we picked up Chickfila. Right upon arriving the ADT man showed up to work on our alarm. Needless to say it was a very busy afternoon. The kids played on their tablets for a little while. Usually I am not all for that but since the ADT guy was working in the office/playroom and it was so hot outside I was ok with it. After he left though I told them to go play. they did actually go outside for a little while. I felt bad though b/c it was just blazing hot. They would come in and out some. They played legos and cars. We even watched part of a movie. I also made them cookies. I think they all 3 had fun. Its been nice this week to be able to host some friends. I have always said I would rather the kids come to our house so I know what they are up to I am ok with being the "friend house". We left a little after 4 to drive Ella back home. I felt bad rushing her away but I knew traffic going towards BC would get crazy close to 5. We made it home and just had leftovers for dinner that night. Austin was a little later getting in so it was pretty much heading the kids to bed once he got in.
Wednesday it was nice knowing that we weren't "entertaining". I enjoy having their friends over but after 2 straight days I was kinda excited for a down day. Plus I woke up not really feeling well. The day before I had started with a scratchy throat and cough but I just attributed to allergies but by Wednesday morning I felt awful. Anyway we got out the house about 10. We had several errands to run. We first dropped off our library books, then went to Target to finish up school supplies and a few other household items, then Petsmart to get cat food, and lastly to Hobby Lobby to pick up some framed art. The kids were great during the errands and luckily they were all pretty quick errands so we made it back by lunch. We had lunch at the house then settled in for naps. Again I was so tired and with not feeling good I was really looking forward to the rest. That night we did go on to church. I was glad we went even though I wasn't feeling my best. There was a pretty low crowd though...none of my kid's really good friends were there but they still had fun. They started the evening outside on the playground. It was hot and I stepped in ants so that was lovely. After they had set up an Escape Room for the kids. That took about an was really fun though. I think it was a little over most of their heads though. They had said it was for ages 10-12 ...I think the 4th and 5th graders were the only ones to for sure "get it". After they had a brief time to split into small groups. Normally I help teach the kinder-2nd grade girls and we usually average 5-6 girls. Well that night Lindsay was the only one there so we combined with the 3rd-5th grade girls which there was only 2 of them. I think the lesson was a little over Lindsay's head but all in all it worked out well.
So onto Thursday...well this was my grocery day. I never really look forward to these days. Luckily it was a pretty easy trip and the kids were great. We stayed in the rest of the day. With me being half sick I was happy to just spend the day at home. We have been doing well this week with getting back to our school work and just overall sometime of normalcy. That night we had roasted chicken and veggies. It turned out to be quite yummy and healthy! 

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