Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Summer Weekend

So Friday of course started the weekend. We had a fun playdate scheduled that day. My mom had graciously offered to host Colby's best friends over for a swim playdate. Since they are going to different schools this year this was going to be a great time to get them together before the craziness of fall schedules set in. So we got to my parent's house right about 10 and shortly after his buddies arrived. 
They swam basically the whole time and had a blast. I thought from a behavior standpoint they did really well for 3 nine year old boys. There was a little bit of crude humor, tattle tailing, and picking on but not much you wouldn't expect from a gathering of 3 kids their age. Since the boys are getting older the trio isn't as strong as it once was though. I think a lot of this has to due with they are getting older and their interests are truly developing and they are picking and choosing the types of friends they want to hang out with. Colby and Nijel really do have the most in common and its been apparent b/c they have been the best friends since they were 5. The other one has different interests and as I have told Colby that is ok too. I told him its ok for them not to be best friends anymore. I told him to be nice to him and include him but its ok for them not to be as close as they once were. Plus I think now the innocence is fading and kids will be kids and leaving one friend out becomes a pretty standard thing. Anyway all in all I think it went great and I think they all truly had a great time. I also really have to commend my girl b/c she was such a great sport throughout it all. She never complained and just rolled with it and was very gracious for the boys to have their time. She and I pretty much hung out together in the pool. She's also being a great sport about not getting her head wet since her little accident. Anyway we ordered pizza for them and it arrived about 12 so they were able to eat then get back in the pool. They all left about 1:30 and we got home about 2. Well by that time I was wiped out. The kids and I had a short rest time. I felt pretty much useless the rest of the day. Between being partly sick and worn out we (I) didn't do much. We had leftovers for dinner that night. We did go on with movie night though and watched "Boss Baby" which ended up really being a cute movie.
Saturday it was forecasted to rain so I really hadn't made definite plans...plus with me still feeling under the weather. I would have been perfectly fine with staying in all day but I knew the kids wanted to get out the house. I told them that morning after breakfast that if it wasn't raining when we got ready to leave we would hit the park and if it was we would instead go to the library. Well of course it was raining when we got ready to leave. We decided to go to the library instead. We took our time in there and made the trip last 30 + minutes. The kids enjoyed browsing and looking at their books by the windows. After we picked up some soup for lunch and headed home. It was nice to have a low key day around the house. We were able to spend time outdoors as well though. The temps were cooler since it stayed overcast even though we didn't end up getting much rain. That night we had tacos also for dinner. 
Sunday was church day! Neither Austin or I had any responsibilities...well that we knew of. It turned out that he was supposed to count but he had no idea. Anyway so we went to 1st service. It was one of those Sundays that I felt like we got to chat with a bunch of people which was cool. Some long time friends were also in town! So after church we ran an errand then went to eat at New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood. We got home early and it was nice to have an afternoon at home. We spent it relaxing and playing outside. We set up the sprinkler for the kids and let them play in their swimsuits most of the afternoon. That night we cooked chicken alfredo which was yummy. We even took a walk after dinner. Its been so nice to let the kids stay up later and take walks after dinner when the sun is setting! Such sweet memories! Now we are preparing for the last week of summer! I am hoping to do some fun things with them and also work on routines and getting back into the groove! 

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