Sunday, August 6, 2017

Back 2 School

So here we are in the last week of summer. We are caught between school prep and just trying to soak up and enjoy the last days of summer and what they have to offer. So Thursday was Meet the Teacher for my littles. Funny this year we actually KNOW both of them but its still fun to go check out the classroom and chat a bit with the teacher. Its also a time you can drop school supplies off which makes the first day a lot easier without lugging all that stuff in. 
We had a pretty slow morning and I was also trying to finish up organizing and labeling all the supplies. For some reason I got WAY behind on that this year! We were finally ready to leave the house about 10:30. We got to the school a little before 11 then we were there an hour! We first went to Lindsay's class since it was downstairs. We enjoyed visiting with her teacher. Lindsay is a lot less vocal about starting school than Colby is. I think she is still somewhat apprehensive and nervous. I know she will love it though once she starts. She wouldn't say a word to her teacher though. We chatted a bit and learned about some of the big kindergarten things she would be doing. I cannot believe this year she will be getting GRADES and attending awards ceremonies and also get to go to all the extra curricular classes as well. She also has 11 students in her class but possibly will have 13. I think that's a good number. In prek4 they had 16 so I think having a bit smaller class will be beneficial.
After leaving her new class we stopped in to visit with her teacher from last year. We talked to her for quite awhile. I had a really good relationship with her so it was nice to catch up and see the changes she had made in her class for the new year. By this time though the kids were super anxious to move on. We finally got Colby's supplies and headed up to his room. He has been so excited about school starting. I think he is going to love his teacher Mrs. Gottberg. This is her 3rd year at the school...I am excited that she's somewhat experienced and now knows the curriculum pretty well. She also has two children who attend the school so I feel like she's pretty invested. His classroom is amazing! She has implemented flexible seating this year so I think that will be really cool. From what I know of her she is a very hands on type of teacher which I think will be great. He has 9 kids in his class. I think the smaller class will be many of the "behavior issues" have moved on to other schools. Hopefully it will be an amazing year for him. 
After we finished up at the school I took them to eat at Chickfila. I figured it might be our last "lunch out" this summer. I was thankful to have that sweet time with them. 
I think we are all ready for school to begin but I know I will miss them a bunch. This summer has been amazing and I am so thankful for the time I have had with them but getting back to routines will be nice too! I am really excited about this upcoming year and all it holds! 
That afternoon we hung around the house. Our AC repairmen also came so it was a fairly busy day! Austin was a little later working again so we had spaghetti for dinner and just a low key night. 

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