Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Last of the Summer

This weekend was officially the last part of summer. I feel we sent summer out in an amazing way! Well Friday though we did have to go to the doctor. Colby had his 9 year old checkup. Lindsay also ended up having to get checked b/c we suspect she may have a hernia. We got to the doctor about 10:30...our appointment was for 10:45. I think it was near 11 before we got in the room and about 11:30 before the doctor came in. The kids were amazing though! We played games while we waited which was cool. Its so neat that they can do stuff like that now! We laughed and honestly it was just a sweet memory. Its stuff like that that now as a "seasoned" mom I have just learned to try to enjoy every moment. I took that was undistracted time to just play and talk to them. Colby did awesome for his checkup. He weighed in at 69 lbs and had grown a few inches as well. I think he's in the average percentile pretty much for both. Maybe a little over in weight and slightly under in height. After his check the doc checked Lindsay out. She was unable to fully determine if she truly has a hernia. She recommended that we go ahead and see a surgeon. She has a colleague who always tells her when in doubt to just send them to him. So we have an appointment scheduled for this upcoming week. She weighed in at 42 lbs...and she also had grown over an inch since her appointment in December. She is below average for weight and above average for weight. 
Anyway we finally got out of the doc office about 12:15 and we decided to come on home. We had planned to run errands but it was starting to rain but the kids were tired and hungry. We had a restful afternoon. Colby spent that night with my parents so we just had a quiet night with our girl. We watched SING and Austin picked up burgers for us for dinner. 
Saturday we got up and Lindsay and ran to Target to get a b-day present for her friend Layla then we went to my parent's house to swim. It was a nice visit and I sure enjoyed the pool. I know our pool time is limited with them starting back to school so I was happy the weather cooperated and we were able to swim for some time. We also had lunch over there. That afternoon we got in and again rested. We didn't get home until about 3 I believe so it was quite a busy day! That afternoon/evening nola flooded! It was crazy. We didn't have any issues on our side of the river but it kept Austin at work until almost 9 that night. 
Sunday was our last OFFICIAL day of summer! We went to first service. After church Lindsay's little friend Layla had a b-day party scheduled. It began at noon so we just decided to bring our swim clothes and go change at my parent's house so we wouldn't have to drive all the way home and back since the party was going to be right down the street from them. We got to the party at 12. Layla had only invited Lindsay and Claire so it was a small super casual b-day party. Lindsay was so excited to be with her besties and in the pool. Colby at first was a little bored with just the little girls but he ended up (as always) having a blast. I enjoyed visiting with all the grownups. I didn't swim...I should have b/c it was super hot. When we left for the party it was starting to rain and I hate swimming in the rain plus I had showered that morning and washed my hair. The kids did great though. I was shocked at how well Lindsay handled herself in the big pool with no assistance. The party lasted until 3. Actually the other friends ended up staying until after 5. We were all tired though since we had been gone since early that morning plus knowing the kids had school the next day! We came home and all crashed on the couch for about 30 min. We spent the rest of the day getting ready for the first day of school. We did play outside and take a walk. That night we just had leftovers for dinner. 

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